Wednesday Night Competitive League

Overview: Wednesday Night Competitive League.  The definition of “competitive league” is as follows:  A team made up of experienced curlers who can compete at a higher level than the various men’s, woman’s, and social leagues.  The desire for this league is for serious curlers to compete against other teams that are competitive in nature as well.  If you feel you have a team that will be competitive in this league, then please sign up below.  Only one registration per team needs to be completed.  Also if you would be available to sub please indicate this as well.  Thank you.  Please note that draw times will be determined based on the number of teams that register.
League Chair: David Annand (
Time:  Wednesday Evenings (6:00 PM in Warm Room, 6:15 PM on ice)
Season: Season runs from November 2, 2016 through March 29, 2017. The season consists of two halves with a playoff between winners of each half on April 5, 20

Wednesday Night Rules TBA
Schedule and Roster TBA