Club History

A group of local businessmen known as the Nashua Development Corporation displayed the vision to purchase the Nashua City Farm and its 160 acres of pastureland in 1915 for $10,000. The goal of this group was to create a community facility where men and women could meet for athletics, social purposes, and the entertainment of visitors. Following a renovation of the house and laying out an 18-hole golf course, the property was turned over to the Nashua Country Club in 1916 for further management and development.

After 100 years, the Nashua Country Club has grown from a small country farmhouse in 1916 with 240 members, to a large, multi-building operation in 2017 with over 500 Members. The success of this Club all of these years is a testament to the integrity and dedication of past Boards of Governors. The current Board intends to continue the original goal of providing an amazing athletic and social facility and to be responsive to the new developments and changes in the future.  Below is our journey of how we present the Club today.

The original Farmhouse circa 1910's

The beginning, in 1916, provided a solid foundation of 240 members that enjoyed a remarkable growth in membership and general facilities to the present successful operation. Curling began at the Nashua Country Club in the winter of 1928 when a group of curlers cast the first stones on the frozen pond at what is now the thirteenth hole.

In 1929 the admission fee for resident members was $20.00 while the annual dues were $50.00, payable in installments of $12.50 each on the first days of January, April, July, and October. The Clubhouse 1916 charge for a “single sleeping room” was $2.50 and for two persons $4.00 per day. Card playing was not permitted in the guestrooms and the use of intoxication liquors was not permitted on the premises.

The Board of Governors instituted economics during the Great Depression years by reducing greens fees in 1933 from $3.00 to $2.00 along with salary reductions for the club staff, suspension of entrance fees, and offering a golfer’s lunch for fifty cents. Dining room prices were also reduced considerably. The Board voted, in 1940, to repeal the rule of not permitting intoxicating liquors in the club and authorized the expenditure, not to exceed $1,000, to “include license, liquor and all necessary equipment but not to include a bar.”

In 1941, at their own expense, Nashua Country Club curlers decided to move their sport indoors by constructing a rink in a shed next to the chapel.  In response to the growing interest in winter sports, the Board voted in 1944 to build a 200' toboggan slide that would discharge out of the woods upon the present 7th fairway. At the same time, the Board also voted to purchase 12 second-hand toboggans from the Brae Burn Country Club for $45.00. A special meeting of members was called in 1947 when a unanimous vote authorized the building of two standard sheets of artificial ice for curling at an estimated cost of $15,300. This was an important step in the growth and development of an active curling group.

There have been at least ten major developments at Nashua Country Club over the past 50 years involving considerable construction and major expenditures. Each of these projects broadened the base of the Club by providing improved activities and facilities. Consequently, Nashua is now the indisputable leader in facilities and service in the Merrimack River Valley.

The first significant project was completed in 1961 with the construction of a full size swimming pool, a large banquet hall, a dining room, and eight bedrooms with baths, grille rooms, and locker rooms for ladies and men. The pool has become a popular summer activity with formal and informal swim programs and an active swim team for all ages.

The next key improvement was completed in 1976 with the new maintenance building, four new asphalt tennis courts, and a third sheet of ice for the curling rink. This development allowed the creation of a tennis program and further expansion of curling popularity.

The next major project was completed in 1986 with complete renovation and modernization of the kitchen. This extensive task required closing the kitchen for three winter months, but the excellent results achieved by the chefs and kitchen staff with the modern equipment justified the slight closing inconvenience. The high quality of food and service now available attracts individuals and large groups to the many types of dining areas and special events.

In 1992, the club replaced our asphalt tennis courts with clay courts. These courts are still the best Tennis Complex conditioned Har True clay courts in the State.

In 1993 the main floor of the Clubhouse underwent a major renovation. The ballroom, dining rooms, bar, and decor were brought up to date. In addition, in 1995 the Ladies Locker Room was completely rebuilt in its present location.

In 1996, the Club golf course underwent a major overhaul of its irrigation system. Totally new lines, pumps, and switches as well as a state-of-the-art computerized control system assure Members an optimum playing surface.

In 1998 our Club underwent a complete renovation of the Men’s Locker Room and Bar. Beautiful cherry wood lockers, a new bar, furniture and fixtures, all professionally designed by a Clubhouse Architect makes these facilities the show place of the Clubhouse.

In 2000, the Club added a new snack bar to service our golfers, pool and tennis courts. The deck outside the Grille Room was also expanded.

In 2006-2007, the club started and completed a redesign and reconstruction of all the greens. Our members are proud of our USGA spec greens which are the envy of the local golf community. All eighteen greens, the practice green and green-side bunkers were completely rebuilt. Having the best greens in the State of New Hampshire meant that our members would give up the course, a testament to their desire for excellence. Nashua was selected to hold several prestigious tournaments in 2009 as a result of this $1.5 million dollar investment.

In 2008, the club completed a $340,000 renovation of our dining facilities. Stone fireplaces and a beautiful granite bar grace our upscale-casual Hampshire Room and Grille. Also in 2008, the club added new carpeting, ceiling and paint to the Bunker. In our curling rink, we transformed the top floor of an old barn into a first-class changing room with up-to-date lighting, heating and carpeting.

Although the economy wasn't particularly strong in 2009 and 2010, the club was still improving our facilities. During 2009 the club completely rebuilt the range to provide a first class practice facility. Several cart paths were also rebuilt and much of the concrete decking from our pool was replaced. In 2010, the club remodeled our women's restroom with beautiful granite counters and tile. The club spent over $234,000 to build a state-of-the art pump house, expanded the 7th tee and rebuilt the cart path down the 2nd fairway all the way to the expanded new tee.

In 2018, the Club had its largest expansion in over hundred years with the addition of a new Sports Center and Pro Shop.  The Sports Center consisted of a new four sheet curling rink which is reported to be the best on the East Coast.  Also, a state-of-the-art golf simulator center and a complete restaurant and bar operations.  The Fairfield, Fairway, Hunt Room, Living Room and Lounge were completely remodeled.  The Club invested over four million dollars to make sure our members have the best facilities in the Merrimack Valley.  The result of these improvements was a waiting list to join the Club of approximately four years.